April Chamberlain

Trussville, Alabama

Have you ever been sent to a list of websites to find information, evaluate a tool, etc. but lose your path once you get there? Trailfire is the tool for you and those you work with. Trailfire is a free tool in which the "guide" leaves "marks" on specific websites that when combined create a trail relating to a specific topic. Trails can be public or private. Viewers can leave comments and also collaborate on the trail if created as a wiki trail. Not only can teachers use this tool to direct learning with students but also when working with other teachers to share knowledge. Students are also able to create trails to share their knowledge in place of the traditional report, poster, etc. Come join the trail with other educators!

April Chamberlain has worked in education for 11 years in the classroom and at the board level. Along with her day job, she spent the last two years as a Fellow in the Alabama Best Practice Center. April is an advocate for teacher professional development to learn how to collaborate not only with teachers in the same school but throughout the world to develop engaging experiences for all students.

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