Clarence Fisher teaches full time and likes to get involved with research to improve what happens in classrooms. He is involved with efforts to redefine literacy and what it means to be literate in our twenty-first century, technologically advanced society.
He write articles, make presentations, and think about classrooms 2.0 and the possibilities for learning.

Clarence's classroom has been featured in several articles in Middle School Journal, Technology and Learning, and in the recent book New Literacies in Action. It has also been featured on CBC, CNET, and MSN.

He has been honoured to win one of Canada's highest teaching awards; the Prime Minister's Award for Teaching. As well, he has also been named an Outstanding Middle Years Educator in his province, as well as winning several other awards for the innovative integration of technology into everyday classroom life.

Clarence lives in the small rural community of Snow Lake Manitoba, Canada and thinks geography can be irrelevent on our hyperconnected globe. This leads to the tagline of his blog: "Even From Here."

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Skype: glassbeed

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George Siemens says: "teachers such as Fisher are a rare breed. "What he's doing is cutting edge."
Quentin D'Souza says: "Clarence is one of those one-per-centers that are leaders."
Dean Shareski says: "Clarence is one of the very few master teachers of the twenty - first century."


K12 Online Keynote Presentation

I learn more each day about relationships and about networks. Our personal relationships both local and global; our relationships to information and our role in actively connecting ourselves and our students to information and each other. My presentation is called Classroom 2.0: You Live Where? It gets at some of the basic areas that we have learned about in our journey of rethinking classroms and what happens in them. Where are we now? What have we learned so far? What are our next steps? These are three big ideas in this presentation.