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Meet Dean Shareski

Dean Shareski is a Digital Learning Consultant with the Prairie South School Division in Moose Jaw, SK His work involves helping students and teachers understand what is different about learning and teaching today and how to make significant changes to help kids learn. He blogs at Ideas and Thoughts. He's been at it for almost 3 years and has developed a network of associates he calls his Research Team.

He received a Masters In Communications and Technology from the University of Saskatchewan and occasionally teaches undergraduates at the University of Regina.He has presented at the local, provincial, national and international level on topics ranging from geocaching to blogs to digital storytelling. While he loves to talk about Social Media and the changing nature of learning, he has a special passion for digital stories and presentation.

Design Matters

Many of the new tools of teaching and learning have separated content from design. For the most part, this has been a good thing, enabling users to focus on their ideas and not their presentation. Templates can be a great way to create content that utilizes good design. Yet design can never be completely divorced from content. The use of quality imagery, white space, typography are three examples of design principles that add meaning and value to any message. This presentation will explore why design matters in a variety of spaces from physical classrooms to blogs, wikis, podcasts and digital stories. Principles of design and specific examples and techniques will be explored and participants will be able to return to their classrooms equipped with a better understanding of how and why design matters.