1. Alice Barr
  2. Kennebunkport, Maine
  3. http://alicebarr.com
  4. Presentation title: Flat Agents of Change
  5. Presentation description: This presentation is for those folks who are starting out.
    All participants will join our ning, http://bitbybitseedlings.ning.com/
    The structure for our show will be displayed from the planning to the presentation on ning in order that any teacher could reproduce the journey in their own content or classroom area. By engaging the participants in the ning social network the conversations will continue, as well as the support to become a proficient podcaster and blogger. As with everything we do, we will talk about the purpose and how important this is to the final piece.
  6. Short presenter bio: Alice Barr is the instructional Technology Integrator for Yarmouth High School in Yarmouth, Maine. She facilitates a 1:1 laptop environment in grades 9 - 12. Alice also teachers in the summer at The University of Southern Maine and provides professional development sessions during the year. Alice is also a member of Seedlings@bitbybit
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  8. Link(s) to the actual presentation http://bitbybitseedlings.ning.com/
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