File Conversion Info and Tools

Ideally, we would like to have a mp3 audio version of each presentation available during the 2007 K-12 Online Conference. If presentations are shared in any type of video format (wma, mov, flv) we would also like to provide a downloadable QuickTime formatted (.mov) file compatible with iPods. All these presentation files will be hosted on the William and Mary servers. The reasons we would like to provide these file formats are:
  1. To provide the greatest accessibility possible to the presentations of the conference.
  2. To permit the creation of two different conference podcast "channels," one for audio-only presentations and one for enhanced/video presentations (if available.)
Presenters should NOT feel pressured to create an enhanced or video presentation if that was not originally planned: Audio-only (mp3) presentations are FINE and welcomed! If, however, video presentations are shared then we want to make those files as compatible for asynchronous download and viewing.

The K-12 Online Conference help desk is available to assist presenters in the file conversion process. Presenters are welcome to handle file conversion themselves, or have help desk volunteers assist. The following tools are available to convert presentation files:
  1. Jodix WMA to MOV (iPod) format converter - FREE, runs on Windows
  2. iSquint iPOD mov converter - FREE, runs on Macintosh
  3. ffMPEGx - FREE, runs on Macintosh
  4. Movie Conversion Tools - FREE, runs on Macintosh, 4 apps in this download
  • Convert To MP3 v2.0.5
  • Convert To AAC v1.0
  • Convert To AIFF v1.0
  • Split Movie Tracks v1.0