Presentation Submission Procedures

When the time comes to submit your creative presentation there will be several things to consider.

First, when we publish your presentation on the conference blog it will follow this outline:
  • Your Name
  • Your Location
  • Your Blog/Website (if applicable)
  • Presentation title
  • Presentation description
  • Short presenter bio
  • Link to presenter bio
  • Link(s) to the actual presentation
  • Links related to your presentation

Process for Submission
The College of William and Mary has graciously agreed to provide server space for housing of all of the presentations associated with the K12Online07 Conference to ensure longevity of the archives, therefore, we will need a final copy of your presentation for uploading.

The easiest way to transfer large files is through a program called SendSpace (up to 300Mb files) or Send this File (files over 300Mb, note that it may take many hours to send large files using this service ... you will have to leave your computer on overnight). They are both free transfer services that have a one-step registration. Simply register and then send the files(s) to Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. The program will notify Sheryl when the files are ready for her to "pick-up" and she will then upload them to the conference server space. Your convener will be in communication with each of you as the time draws near and make sure that you are comfortable with how the files will be transferred.

After you transfer your files, please follow-up with an email to Sheryl letting her know what you have transferred and include any URLs or additional information you think she should have about your presentation.

How Will They Go Live?
We will be creating a post that the information above (name, bio, abstract, and any additional links/explanations) as well as linking to your presentations files on the conference blog. On Oct. 15 at 8am EDT the keynotes (Clarence Fisher and The Three Amigos: Alan Levine, Brian Lamb, D’Arcy Norman) will be posted as well as our first two presenters for Week 1.

Conference Blog
We encourage you to join in on the discussion that will take place about your presentation on the conference blog under the post for your presentation. Feel free to comment and converse with participants who ask questions or make comments.(