Teaser Ideas

It has been suggested that all or some presenters prior to the start of the K-12 Online Conference could publish a presentation "teaser" as a short, online video (published to a website like YouTube or TeacherTube) which will give attendees a better idea of what the presentation will address.

These "presentation teasers" could be similar to short advertisements for the sessions, generating and piquing interest.

What do you think of this idea? This would likely be optional, since not everyone may want to provide a teaser. What should the deadline for teaser creation and link sharing be, if we decide to do this? Should there be any length guidelines or limits for the teaser? Initial discussions have suggested a length of 30 seconds to two minutes: Not a very long video. (please click "edit this page" and add your thoughts below.)

I think this idea has merit. Length guidelines and even content/structure are desirable. Deadline of Oct. 1 perhaps.
- Frank

I see from https://k12online07presenters.wikispaces.com/timeline that the deadline is Sept 30. I presume they should be uploaded to YouTube? And presumable TAG the upload k12online07 ?? Wouldn't that be important? And then put the link on the presentation posts page? Is that the procedure?
Vance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHjlCY0BCNo
Incidentally some presenters HAVE tagged their videos and they are starting to aggregate on YouTube (cool!)

Do the teasers have to fully resemble the presentations? Lisa Durff Skype: mrsdurff

Yes, I think this is a good idea. It lets attendees plan their participation better. - Drew

Great idea. The official descriptions don't always accurately reflect the nature/format/even content of the presentation. I'd love to do it and am looking forward to viewing other teasers. - Konrad Glogowski

Going on Konrad's point, it might be a good idea to request a teaser PRIOR to accepting proposals (for online conferences and particularly f2f ones ... you know I've hardly ever attended a really dud presentation online whereas f2f wwwhhhfffff .. ) hey I'm KIDDING. But sure, as it is optional, I think it's a great idea, challenging in a productive way, and will help presenters prepare, preview, and focus their delivery for the virtual environment as well as hone their editing skills (what skills!? better come up with some fast!!) I'm thinking screencast video for mine/ours. The set of teasers, or trailers if you like, should really make a nice overview for the conference display window. It's all learning. How we gonna teach if we can't learn?! (we already know that :-)) ^V^

The Animoto.com service is a great way to make teasers. All you need are images (Flickr works GREAT) and you can even use PowerPoint to create titles, which then can be saved as .JPGs and included. The free Animoto service limits you to 30 second videos but I paid the $$$ for a premium account and it's so worth it. :) Anyway here's our teaser: http://animoto.com/play/ab738cbb55e38fbdb55391a0a2a4a466. - Kevin Jarrett & Sylvia Martinez