Your Name: Alex Ragone

Your Location: South Orange, New Jersey

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Presentation title: EdTechTalk: A Network of Homegrown Webcasters

Presentation description: Presentation Description: We will present the history and development of the EdTechTalk Channel of the Worldbridges Network through screencasts and audio and video interviews of our show hosts. In little over 2 years, the channel has gone from one weekly webcast to eight weekly interactive webcasts using the newest and most interactive web based media. EdTechTalk is a professional learning community that is participatory and open.

Short presenter bio: My Name is Alex Ragone and I’m the Director of Technology at an Independent School in New York City and I do a weekly webcast called 21st Century Learning at I have a Masters Degree from Teachers College in Instructional Design and Media and a Psychology Degree from George Washington University. I’ve been a Director of Technology for nine years at two different Independent Schools. I started working at an educational non-profit in Washington, DC and then spent time working for a defense contractor. I have a beautiful wife and three young children.

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