AnneDavisISTE320.jpgAnne Davis is an Information Systems Training Specialist in the College of Education's Instructional Technology Center at Georgia State University. Anne provides support and instruction to faculty, staff and students in the areas of the curriculum, teaching strategies, technology standards, and ideas and issues in instructional technology. She is an is an educator with over 20 years experience as an elementary classroom teacher, an instructional lead teacher, a reading specialist, and an instructional technology specialist.

One of the favorite parts of her current job is working in the public schools on numerous blogging projects with classroom teachers. She blogs at EduBlog Insights.

Anne has two presentations for this K12 Online 2007 conference:

Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools
This presentation includes specific ideas, tips, and mini lessons centered on the pedagogical use of web 2.0 tools. All teachers need ways to easily and effectively weave these tools into the curriculum/instruction. These are quick takes on an activity that could be done with the tools in an engaging way.

Learn to Blog : Blog to Learn
This presentation is for educators new to the world of blogging who wish to learn how to use blogs with students in a safe and teacher-controlled environment. It is also for current bloggers who desire a step-by-step example of how to introduce teachers to blogging. The focus will be on creating blogs with BlogMeister combined with instructional uses and examples of web 2.0 tools integrated within the blogging.