Bob Sprankle

Hello! My name is Bob Sprankle. I come from Wells, ME, USA. I’m a Technology Integrator in a K-4 Elementary School, where I teach over 500 students technology and skills for the 21st. I’ve been teaching with technology (both in the lab and the “regular” classroom) for 11 years.

I was involved with the SEED group in Maine as a Technology Learning Leader and helped train the first wave of teachers using laptops for the 7th and 8th grader MLTI project. I was awarded Maine’s Technology Teacher of the Year in 2006 from ACTEM. My students have received world-wide recognition for their "Room 208 Podcast", and have appeared in numerous articles, including, The New York Times and Apple's Education Site. I started my own podcast, "Bit by Bit", to help teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms. Both podcasts can be found at

I am joining Cheryl Oakes and Alice Barr in the workshop entitled, Flat Agents of Change. Together we present how we created a Professional Learning Circle and share our discoveries and conversation through an educational podcast called, Seedlings@BitbyBit.