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Chris Harbeck
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Chris Harbeck teaches grade 8 math to approximately 140 students each year. He has been teaching middle school students for over a decade and is in his third year of using 2.0 applications and "21st Century Learning" in his classroom. Despite the fact (or more realistically because of the fact) that math is one of those subjects students often reflect back on with distaste, fear or indifference, Chris has moved from teaching both social studies and math to the one subject. He has been involved in development of the middle years math curriculum at the divisional and provincial level. With his strong focus on conceptual understanding, Chris has discovered that using 2.0 tools and applications make math fun and interesting. An encouraging trend has emerged: students do not run away and saying "I hate math"; they love to do assignments and have started to see the beauty in math.


My blog is makeitinteresting.blogspot.com
My class hub is sargentparkmathzone.blogspot.com

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Release the Hounds

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I am a math teacher. I have always focused on the conceptual understanding of math topics. I have sought out ways to make kids do projects and write about math. Journals, games and projects all met with little success or at least came accompanied with groans!! Then I met an inspirational mentor, Darren Kuropatwa, who showed me the possibilities of using 2.0 in the classroom. My teaching style and classroom life changed immediately for the better. Now it is my turn to share what I have learned.

This presentation takes participants along my journey into integrating 2.0 applications and "21st Century Learning" into my pedagogy. The presentation will show how teacher driven assignments and projects teach students some of the skills they need to use these new technologies to enhance their learning. Scribe Posts, Growing Posts and E-Portfolios will provide participants with three different activities to do with their students.

  • Scribe Posts are a way to have a student written textbook for your class.
  • Growing Posts are unit projects that teach subject content and 2.0 applications.
  • E-Portfolios allow students to show growth over an entire year instead of a short period of time.

These three assignments were the cornerstone of my teaching until I read a blog post from David Warlick. (http://davidwarlick.com/2cents/2007/02/27/more-on-school-20/)

David Warlick said at his blog this year that " Students stop being mirrors, and instead become amplifiers".

This statement really effected my thinking about what assignments I was giving to students. Warlick's post was the beginning of a change in the projects or "unprojects" I gave to my students. I began to expand beyond the great possibilities of the three activities mentioned above. Instead of students mirroring what I was wanting them to create I allowed them to choose the form in which they would showcase their understanding of math. This allowed them to use their understanding of new 2.0 applications and create an end product that amplified their learning.

The final part of my presentation takes participants into "unprojects". Participants will learn how to create "unprojects". For the veteran teacher who is using 2.0 in their classroom this is for you. See how students are more creative and show more enthusiasm towards assignments when they are in charge of their learning.

Unprojects can:
  • Allow students to be more creative.
  • Allow the teacher to learn from their students.
  • Allow students to teach students.
  • Give students permission to do something different.

Come along and see how you can Release the Hounds. You will be amazed at what your students' bring back and show you.

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