My name is Drew Murphy. I am a technolgy/business teacher at Chatelch Secondary and I live in the beautiful seaside town of Gibsons, in British Columbia. I teach and manage an in-school online program called Planning 10 and Portfolio. In this program I have been developing innovative online teaching methods and applying a variety of 2.0 tools. I have been involved in pioneering online programs and methods in our district for the past 15 years. During this time, I’ve also been a educational consultant in designing online learning systems. I have a passion for teaching in the online world and I believe it is a meduim that can bring art of teaching and the act of learning to a new level.

The Workshop:

Step by Step - Building a Web 2.0 Classrom

Why Most People Don't "Get it".
The web is much more abstract than many of us tech enthusiasts realize. No, wait, its way more abstract than we realize. And this is why so many educators and parents don't "get it". They can't understand the big picture of 2.0 because they don't understand the fundamentals of Web 2.0. Do you? Creating and using blogs, wikis, slideshows, etc. require ,for all their "ease of use", numerous tech/web skills and concepts. Asking your students and colleagues to appreciate and participate in a blog without first understanding these skills and concepts is like asking them to play baseball without knowing how to properly catch the ball first or draw without knowing how to see first. In other words, they suck at it and can't progress . However, if we know the fundamentals and build these skills and concepts in the right sequence, then people can not only to play the "game" and create the "art" but take it in new directions and invent new ways of teaching and learning.

Workshop Outline:
The 10 Essential Skills and Concepts

In this workshop, I'm going to present the 10 essential skills and concepts needed for playing the Web 2.0 game. I'll show you an order of online activity types that flow into each other and builds your online teaching skill set so that you can apply Web 2.0 tools at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way.

Playing the Web 2.0 Game Well
And I'll also show how to progressively apply a variety of methods and 2.0 tools such as online word processors, slide shows, notebooks, blogs, web pages, online polls, online discussion forms, iframes, etc.... so that people can see the fundamentals in action and understand the potential that exists to move forward.

Audacious Predictions for the Future
Finally, I'll give you my insights daring predictions for the future of Web 2.0 and get you thinking in ways you probably would never have considered. And I'll show that the road to the future lies along the path of fundamental skills and concepts.