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Session 1: Keynote

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title:
  2. Name: Clarence Fisher
  3. Location: Snow Lake, Manitoba, Canada
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: Classroom 2.0 or You Live Where?
  6. Presentation Description: Classroom 2.0 is a "slippery concept" that can look different in different commuities and schools. But there are some basic concepts that bring value to these classrooms, a few basic ideas that need to be considered by teachers who are looking to make changes to their classrooms. These classrooms are not just about teachers allowing their students to have weblogs, but about what we consider to be basic goals for education, how learning happens in global networks and the possibilities for our students to be legitimate contributors in their own right. Where have we been so far on this journey of change? What are some of the big ideas that we need to consider and where do we need to go next?
  7. Bio: Clarence has been a classroom teacher for the past 13 years. He blogs professionally at, with his class at and has spoken at conferences across North America. Clarence has won several awards, including one of Canada’ highest teaching awards, the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching for his integration of technology into daily classroom life. Clarence's innovative classroom practices have been featured online, in books, magazines, and newspaper articles. He is an advocate of classroom 2.0, learning spaces that take complete advantage of the tools that are available to learners in their quest to learn rather than having school be something that is done to them.
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Session 2:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Travel through Space and Time"
  2. Name: Silvia Tolisano
  3. Location: Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: "Travel through Space and Time"
  6. Presentation Description:
    Global awareness is making its way into the educational landscape. We are recognizing that our students are growing up in a "flat world" and cannot afford to live isolated from learning about other languages, cultures, traditions and points of view. The presenter took over 400 students and their teachers she traveled physically half way around the world to China. Learn how, through the power of web 2.0 tools, she seamlessly combined a blog , podcasts, photos and videos to educate students about cultural universals, while addressing curriculum standards.
  7. Bio: Born in Germany, raised in Argentina and living in the USA, Silvia graduated with a Degree in Spanish & International Studies and a Master’s in Instructional Technology. She serves as the Instructional Technology Facilitator at a private elementary school. She was instrumental in establishing and is supporting an integrated global awareness curriculum for all grade levels.
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Session 3:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom"
  2. Name: Drew Murphy
  3. Location: Sechelt, British Columbia
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: "Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom"
  6. Presentation Description:Workshop Outline:
    In this workshop, I'm going to present the 10 essential skills and concepts needed for playing the Web 2.0 game. I'll show you an order of online activity types that flow into each other and builds your online teaching skill set so that you can apply Web 2.0 tools at the appropriate time and in the appropriate way. And I'll also show how to progressively apply a variety of methods and 2.0 tools so that people can see the fundamentals in action and understand the potential that exists to move forward.
    Finally, I'll give you my insights daring predictions for the future of Web 2.0 and get you thinking in ways you probably would never have considered. And I'll show that the road to the future lies along the path of fundamental skills and concepts.
  7. Bio:My name is Drew Murphy. I am a technology/business teacher at Chatelech Secondary and I live in the beautiful seaside town of Gibsons, in British Columbia. I teach and manage an in-school online program called Planning 10 and Portfolio. In this program I have been developing innovative online teaching methods and applying a variety of 2.0 tools. I have been involved in pioneering online programs and methods in our district for the past 15 years. During this time, I’ve also been a educational consultant in designing online learning systems. I have a passion for teaching in the online world and I believe it is a meduim that can bring art of teaching and the act of learning to a new level.
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my production tools:
xspression project

Session 4:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Release the Hounds"
  2. Name: Chris Harbeck
  3. Location: Winnipeg,Manitoba Canada
  5. Title: "Release the Hounds"
  6. Presentation Description:This presentation takes participants along my journey into integrating 2.0 applications and "21st Century Learning" into my pedagogy. The presentation will show how teacher driven assignments and projects teach students some of the skills they need to use these new technologies to enhance their learning. Scribe Posts, Growing Posts and E-Portfolios will provide participants with three different activities to do with their students. The final part of my presentation takes participants into "unprojects". Participants will learn how to create "unprojects". For the veteran teacher who is using 2.0 in their classroom this is for you. See how students are more creative and show more enthusiasm towards assignments when they are in charge of their learning.
  7. Bio:Chris Harbeck teaches grade 8 math to approximately 140 students each year. He has been teaching middle school students for over a decade and is in his third year of using 2.0 applications and "21st Century Learning" in his classroom. With his strong focus on conceptual understanding, Chris has discovered that using 2.0 tools and applications make math fun and interesting.
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  10. Supporting Links: Scribe Posts
    Growing Posts
    Unproject sites

Session 5:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Motivating Student Writers by Fostering Collaboration through Tagging and Aggregating"
  2. Name: Vance Stevens, Nelba Quintana, Doris Molero, Sasa Sirk, and Rita Zeinstejer
  3. Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE / La Plata, Argentina / Maracaibo, Venezuela / Nova Gorica, Slovenia / and Rosario, Argentina
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: "Motivating Student Writers by Fostering Collaboration through Tagging and Aggregating"
  6. Presentation Description:
    The presenters play with boundaries through the simple expedient of having student bloggers in different countries tag their blog posts with the unique tag term writingmatrix. Searching on that tag in Technorati, the student bloggers in four locations in three different countries have managed to locate one another's posts, leave comments for one another, and have subsequently interacted in other ways as well. The presenters explain how they started the project and how it has branched into other online and even face to face activities involving the students in the participant countries. The presentation is made not only through the voices of the presenters, but with the students themselves lending their voices through their blogs and videos.
  7. Bios: Vance Stevens is a lecturer in computing at The Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, and founder, coordinator, and frequent contributor to Webheads and other online communities of practice and distributed learning networks. Nelba Quintana is Teacher on English Language and Literature at the National University of La Plata, Argentina. Doris Molero is an EFL Professor at Universidad Dr. Rafel Belloso Chacin, Maracaibo, Venezuela. Saša Sirk is an EFL teacher at Vocational College of Tehnični šolski center in Nova Gorica and a proud member of The Slovene Association of LSP Teachers. Rita Zeinstejer is a teacher in Argentina, and Self Access, Laboratory and Multimedia Coordinator at the Asociacion Rosarina de Cultura Ingles, Rosario, Argentina.
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Session 6:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "If All My Classes Did This"
  2. Name: Wendy Wolfe
  3. Location: Saint Paul, MN USA
  4. Blog: No Time to Sleep: - It is a relatively small project for me (the name probably explains why).
  5. Title: "If All My Classes Did This"
  6. Presentation Description:
    Recognizing that educators want students to engage in and enjoy learning and to have the opportunities for success and that reality often brings hardware and budgetary constraints, this presentation explores free Web 2.0 tools focusing on student learning activities and engagement. For each tool, a general introduction will be made followed by:
    - Ideas and examples of how these tools can be applied in the classroom.
    - Tips to introduce tools to students, including privacy and fair use.
    - Tips on showcasing and assessing student work.
  7. Bio:
    Wendy Wolfe has a M.A. in E-Education and Educational Technology, teaches high school social studies and a classroom technology course for Saint Mary's University. She serves as a consultant to the MN Historical Society and other area schools, presenting at workshops focused on infusing technology and education. In the low-tech world, you will find her sailing the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.
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    Google Presentation:

Session 7:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Assessment and Evaluation in the Age of Networked Learning."
  2. Name: Konrad Glogowski
  3. Location: Toronto, Canada
  4. Blog: blog of proximal development
  5. Title: "Assessment and Evaluation in the Age of Networked Learning."
  6. Presentation Description:
    This presentation aims to address some of the challenges associated with assessment and evaluation in Web 2.0 classrooms. Specifically, it will address how to develop strategies and tools that engage students in the assessment and evaluation process, and help them stay in control of their learning and their progress. Consequently, a strong emphasis will be placed on developing assessment and evaluation procedures and habits that not only complement but also foster the interactive and learner-centric environments afforded by the interactive tools of the read/write web. The presenter will share strategies to assess and evaluate student work on blogs, wikis, and discussion forums.
  7. Bio:
    Konrad Glogowski is a PhD Candidate at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto . His doctoral dissertation focuses on building online communities of learners to facilitate the development of literacy skills at the senior elementary level. Konrad also teaches Language Arts to grades 7 and 8 at a K-8 school just outside Toronto, Canada. He has been documenting his research and classroom experiences on his blog of proximal development since February 2005.
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Session 8:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools"
  2. Name: Anne Davis
  3. Location: McDonough, Georgia, USA
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: "Putting the Pedagogy into the Tools"
  6. Presentation Description: This presentation includes specific ideas, tips, and mini lessons centered on the pedagogical use of web 2.0 tools. All teachers need ways to easily and effectively weave these tools into the curriculum/instruction. These are quick takes on an activity that could be done with the tools in an engaging way. Most are quick, easy to implement and designed to have beginning web 2.0 teachers feel “Yeah, I could do that!” Those of us who have been using the tools could think “Yeah, what a great idea. I’m going to do that too!” or “I know just the teacher who would love trying this!”
  7. Bio: Anne Davis is an educator with over 20 years experience as an elementary classroom teacher, an instructional lead teacher, a reading specialist, and an instructional technology specialist. She currently works at Georgia State University in the Instructional Technology Center in the College of Education as an Information Systems Training Specialist. Anne has created numerous blogging projects with students and teachers over the past five years.
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Session 9:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Design matters"
  2. Name: Dean Shareski
  3. Location: Moose Jaw, SK, Canada
  4. Blog:
  5. Title: "Design matters"
  6. Presentation Description:
Design is a word and idea that engulfs so much of our lives. How does it impact our classrooms and schools? How can we begin to think of design as something that we intentionally build into every day. We'll look at very practical examples and ideas to begin the process of making design and creativity a part of teaching and learning.
  1. Bio: Dean Shareski is in his 20th year in education. He has taught grades 1-8 and is currently a Digital Learning Consultant for Prairie South School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada. He is passionate about the power of networks and advocates for students to be in charge of much of their learning and be challenged to create new things and connect with new people. He also has been using and promoting the use of video and other tools to tell stories and communicate in rich, meaningful ways.
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Session 10:

  1. Blog post subject - Presentation Title: "Sustained Blogging in the Classroom"
  2. Name: Jeff Utecht
  3. Location: Shanghai, China
  4. Blog:,
  5. Title: "Sustained Blogging in the Classroom"
  6. Presentation Description: Starting to use blogs in your classroom is one thing, actually embedding them into how you teach and sustaining them as a learning tool over time is something completely different. In the past 3 years, I have helped numerous teachers set up blogs with their students. Some have continued to use blogs as a learning tool, others have given up not able to sustain blogging in their classroom. In this presentation we'll look at some ways that you can successfully embed blogs into your daily routine and look at examples from teachers around the world who have made blogging part of just what they do in the classroom.
  7. Bio: Jeff Utecht is an international educator currently working in Shanghai, China. Prior to Shanghai. Jeff has presented at both Administrative conferences and Teacher conferences around Asia and the Far East. Recently he helped to successfully organize the Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai, China. The first technology conference of its kind in Asia aimed at bringing International schools together around technology.
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