Presenter Roundtables


K-12 Online Conference conveners want to facilitate two presenter roundtable discussions in August 2007 to promote dialog and sharing about different issues relating to presentations in the 2007 K-12 Online Conference. These sessions will be held in Elluminate, and links to join each session will be added here when they are available. It is NOT required that presenters attend one of these roundtables, attendance is OPTIONAL, however your attendance will be an opportunity to get any questions answered. Presenters are welcome to contribute to the "issues" discussion on this page prior to the roundtables, whether or not the presenter is planning to synchronously attend a roundtable discussion.

We will be making a recording of the Roundtable discussions if you are unable to attend. The link to the archive will be available here on Tuesday, August 14 (US). Click here if you missed the meeting and want to hear the recording for Saturday.

Dates and Times

Please add your name under the time you plan to attend as each round table only has 25 chairs.
1st Roundtable: Saturday, August 11, 2007 - 12:00 GMT Fixed Time for World Cities 8am Eastern US
1. Sheryl
2. Darren
3. Wes
4. Jen Wagner
5. Silvia Tolisano
6. Jason Hando
7. Kevin Jarrett (on Sylvia Martinez's panel)
8. John Pearce
9. Sasha Sirk
10. Vicki Davis (I can only attend for 45 minutes - have to take child to softball camp, so if this session fills up, I will give up my spot because Jen is also with our presentation - let me know if you need me to give up my spot.)
11. Joe Bires
12. Lisa Durff
13. Sharon Peters
14 .Cheryl Oakes
15. Bob Sprankle.
16. Vance Stevens (reported late :-(
Lani reports that the recording of this session will be available shortly after the second r/t

2nd Roundtable: Tuesday, August 14, 2007 - 02:00 GMT Fixed Time for World Cities Monday August 13, 2007 10pm Eastern US
Click here if you missed the meeting and would like to hear the recording from Monday.

1. Sheryl
2. Darren
3. Wes
4. Lani
5. Alice Barr
6. Frank
7. RitaZ
8. Anne Davis
9. Vinnie Vrotny
10. Dean Shareski
11. Konrad Glogowski
12. Chris Harbeck
13. Ben Wilkoff
14. Brian Crosby
15. Vance Stevens (will try to get up for it :-)
16. Doris Molero
17. Drew Murphy